Inverter per collegamento alla rete di energia eolica da 2000 W 1000 W con limitatore/regolatore di carico di scarico/resistenza per generatore eolico trifase 48 V 60 V

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Brand Name: TINGEN

Type: ac to ac inverter

Origin: Mainland China

Size: 425mm*275mm*125mm

Output Frequency: 46Hz ~ 65Hz

Output Type: single

is_customized: Yes

Output Current: 0-20a

Output Power: 0-2000w

Weight: 7kg

Model Number: TEG-1000G-WAL, TEG-2000G2-WAL

Certification: CE

ceitifications: CE&ROHS

Maximum AC Output Power: 2000W 1000W Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter

AC Input Voltage: 48v 60v 72v

AC output voltage: 220v 230v 240v

warranty: 2 year

protection: islanding

AC output waveform: pure sine wave

cooling way: cooling fan

Input Voltage: 45-90vac

2000W 1000W Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter /Dump Load Controller/Resistor for 3 Phase 48v 60v wind turbine generator

–Max Efficiency:>92%               MPPT Efficiency:99%

–3PHASE AC   45V-90V

–AC   220V 230V 240V  50hz 60hz

NEW 1000W 2000W Wind Power Grid Tie Inverter

Max Efficiency:>92%               MPPT Efficiency:99%

1.  Low cost and easy installation
2.  Directly connect to three phase wind turbine
3.  Much better output waveform compare with similiar GTI
4.  Improving the efficiency of the entire solar power system
Overload protection ,Anti-island protection
Short-circuit protection/Reverse polarity protection
5.  AC output voltage and current THD<5%,PF>99%
This model grid tie has designed for wind turbines that put out 3 phases AC voltage. It can maintain the rotating speed of the wind turbine and keep the voltage from the wind turbine always at the range of the rated range of the grid tie inverter. It also has a high voltage protection function, when the wind is too big, and the dump load controlling system can’t keep the output voltage from the wind turbine, the controller will disconnect itself from the wind turbine, so it is very safe to be used.

Technical Data




Max. Power Output



Input AC/DC Voltage Range

45V ~ 90V

AC Output Voltage Range

190VAC ~ 260VAC

Output Frequency


Standby Power Consumption


Total Harmonic Distortion


Peak Inverter Efficiency


Power Factor


Output Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

MPPT Efficiency


Over Current Protection


Over Temperature Protection


Reverse Polarity Protection


Anti-Island Protection




Weight ( Kg)


Dimensions (W x H x D)



(1) (2) Dump load resistor connection Terminal. This terminals will connect to the dump load resistor.

(3) AC socket,This socket will connect the inverter to the public grid via the AC cable.

(4) Cooling fans.

(5) Input Terminals. This terminals will connect to the wind turbine.

Inverter Display Instruction

The Inverter display can show many information,The main interface of the display and the icons explainations are show above.

Set Menu:Choose the set menu icon on the main screen interface,click the confirm button to enter into the interface show below,In this interface,can set the LCD backlight always on or auto turn off backlight after 3 minutes no action.

The inverter also integrate with internal limiter and external limiter function which can prevent excess power from going to the public grid.Select the internal limiter mode,inverter will work under limiter mode,output power of the inverter will be determined by load power.Select the external limiter mode,inverter need a external limiter module working with it.For more details about the limiter function,pls contact supplier. ( this function only useful with limiter type inverter. )

Power View:

In this interface,the display shows real time power,PV input voltage, inside temperature,date and time.

Clock And Date Setting:

Set the clock and date in this page,save the setting before exit.

Notes: Save the setting after you reconfigurate the working mode or backlight setting.

Notes: Battery Discharge Current Mode And Battery Discharge Power Mode are not developed yet for this wind inverter.

Grid Waveform:

This interface will show the real time grid waveform.The grid voltage and frequency also will show in this interface.

Energy Menu:

The energy interface will show the power generation curve everyday. Today KWH and Total KWH are also show in this page.

AC Output Current Waveform and PF Test Of 2000W Model

Tested 2000W model at nearly full load,Output current waveform shows good pure sine wave in oscilloscope,PF value also shows in good result,99.8% PF value.
1. Advanced patented technology,  MPPT efficiency is higher.
2. High-quality imported components, more stable quality, lower failure rate. Significantly longer life, more than 10 years.
3. Each inverter need to pass twice testing (20 hours) before leaving factory.
4. Warranty: 2 years of free maintenance and replacement, lifetime technical support.
5. Low cost and easy installation .
6. Free combination.
7. Combination of SGPV does not interact.
8. Improving the efficiency of the entire solar power system.
9. Low power consumption.

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Informazioni aggiuntive


Only Inverter, with Limiter, with Limiter WIFI

Socket Type


Input Voltage

3phase ac 22-65v, 3phase ac 45-90v

Output Voltage

1000W 90-260VAC, 2000W 190-260v AC

Ships From

Poland, CHINA, spain, Russian Federation, france


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