Ombrello pieghevole automatico

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Consegna prevista tra 2024/08/01 - 2024/08/16
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Open mode: automatic

Applicable season: four seasons

Material: Aluminum alloy umbrella stand

Fabric: 210T plain PG cloth

Handle: Wooden handle

Canopy diameter: 125cm

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 0,53 kg
Dimensioni 370 × 50 × 50 cm

Blue, Black, Grey

100 recensioni per Ombrello pieghevole automatico

  1. Y***.

    Заказал 31.07, забрал 16.08. Очень быстро. Товаром полностью доволен, очень качественный зонт. Был запакован в обычную упаковку, она была немного помята, но зонт не пострадал. Материал чехла плотный и качественный. В сложеном состоянии 37 см, в розложеном – около 76 см. Зонт ширше, чем обычные, 2 человека поместятся свободно. Под дождем еще не проверял. Позже после проверки дополню. А так, зонт отличный, рекомендую.
    no remark

  2. L***o

    Все пришло довольно быстро. Только получить зонтик на почте смог намного позже. Пора отпусков. Внешняя упаковка немножко смятая (это не вина продавца), но сам зонт не пострадал. С первого взгляда зонт качественный, большой, стильный. Открывается и закрывается мягко. Как поведет себя дальше в реальных условиях посмотрим. Дождя пока не было.
    Продавца и товар рекомендую.

  3. Y***n

    Ürün tam anlatıldığı gibi teşekkürler satıcı cok hızlı geldi.
    no remark

  4. P***k

    Très beau, assez classe, il parait bien solide, à voir à l'utilisation.
    Attention, il est un peu lourd, mais cela ne me dérange pas.

  5. P***y

    Товар доставлен целым и невредимым. Спасибо большое продавцу.

  6. G***a

    Качество очень хорошее, зонт отличный!

  7. L***a

    Aparentemente muito bom, excelente qualidade. Quanto ao design, é muito bonito mesmo. O tecido realmente repele a água. Chegou extremamente rápido, menos de 20 dias!

  8. S***s

    el paraguas está muy bonito, creo que compraré otro.. en cuanto al tiempo de entrega, se tardó un poco pero al final llegó

  9. R***v

    Зонт супер! Крепкий, массивный! Два человека реально свободно умещаются под одним зонтом! Рекомендую!

  10. E***v


  11. A***v

    Всё ок. Курьером в Мск 5 дней.

  12. R***d

    Все как обычно хорошо!!))

  13. I***v

    Доставили в кратчайшие сроки курьером до квартиры. Качество на высоте. Пока не использовал. Проверил внешний вид, а также как открывается/закрывается, все работает. Давно хотел надежный большой зонт. Доволен!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  14. A***v

    Хороший зонт, ручка пластиковая. Качество хорошее.

  15. M***v

    Доставка 1 день мск , все ок , зонт нормальный

  16. A***f

    Сделан неплохо. Ручка под женскую кисть и немного неудобная кнопка. В остальном нормально.
    Завтра по прогнозу дождь, буду испытывать )

  17. M***v

    Быстро, доставка курьером, качество очень хорошее, даволен, рекомендую.

  18. E***e

    Как раз на улице дождь, проверим!!!

  19. A***o

    Качество товара отличное спицами из алюминия сделано добротно рекомендую к покупке

  20. T***o

    Nice umbrella

  21. J***r

    Less than two days in St. Petersburg. For 1700 rubles. Cool, opens clearly, a button on the strap, a cover, a nice handle.
    In the wind still have to sweat

  22. R***k

    Umbrellas got quickly, everything is fine everything works clearly. As it will be next, I hope that they will last a long time. Umbrella "three elephants" (Japan) I have served for 27 years.

  23. A***o

    Is very good

  24. S***a

    Umbrella is super big!!! I am happy❤

  25. O***n

    A good umbrella, its money is worth.

  26. A***t

    Yes, like the norms of the umbrella, everything works. I will not say that it is powerful, but quite large, and with Murmansk winds I doubt that it will cope, well, we'll check it out! And so everything is fine!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  27. A***h

    Great product. Very satisfied. Expecting only by rains!!!

  28. V***v

    Good umbrella. 2 days delivery to Mo.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  29. A***o

    Nice umbrella! Recommend.
    In Moscow, delivery by courier was two days.
    P.S. Thank you very much for the speed and quality.

  30. A***v

    Excellent good umbrella, delivery 2 days. Thanks for the service.

  31. B***a

    Responsible and very attentive seller. Umbrella of excellent quality, ordered first to myself, and now to friends

  32. A***k

    Very, very good umbrela! I highly recommend!

  33. A***v


  34. V***v

    Quality, beautiful umbrella, delivery 10 days to Peter, courier to the doors.
    no remark

  35. V***v

    Quality, beautiful umbrella, delivery 10 days to Peter, courier to the doors.
    no remark

  36. V***v

    Quality, beautiful umbrella, delivery 10 days to Peter, courier to the doors.
    no remark

  37. A***v

    In general, a good umbrella, in the rain yet did not leave, but a person with 3 guards will fit inside there

  38. M***O

    Excellent quality of the umbrella. The parcel came whole. The parcel was tracked inaccurate. There was a report of her arrival in the country of destination on 03.09.2020, and arrived at the post office for issue on 26.09.2020. The seller answered my questions. I buy in this store not the first time. I recommend the seller and his product.

  39. M***k

    Nice umbrella. Like a new car. Odorless chemistry, with charismatic opening mechanism. I advise you to buy, you will not regret

  40. V***d

    Nice umbrella. Really big! I bought it and did not regret it. The case when the goods came in quality better than expected. Fast shipping! Thank you! Packed securely
    no remark

  41. A***n

    At first glance it seems good. We'll see about it. Pretty big.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  42. A***v


  43. J***s

    The parcel went one and a half months came all the crumpled so the delivery of parcels works well, that the goods did not suffer at first glance, everything is well suited to the description. Umbrella good I buy already the third. I recommend the seller.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  44. M***v

    Chic quality beautiful umbrella, but, it is огромный-120 cm in diameter, read the characteristics wrong from another seller and ordered here, but cheaper. It came in less than a couple of weeks in KCE. Well packed. Sorry no same, but less than 100 cm because for a person with a height of 170 +-5 cm, an umbrella with a diameter of 120 cm is a parachute. And heavy…

  45. A***v

    The umbrella is simply huge, it fits quietly standing 4 people. I did not regret buying at all. I bought for walks with my family.
    no remark

  46. M***n

    Quality is immaculate, a similar thing in London would be much more expensive. Great product
    no remark

  47. V***v

    Large, high-quality umbrella. delivery from Russia's warehouse on the 4th day
    no remarkno remark

  48. V***v

    Large, high-quality umbrella. delivery from Russia's warehouse on the 4th day
    no remarkno remark

  49. V***v

    Large, high-quality umbrella. delivery from Russia's warehouse on the 4th day
    no remarkno remark

  50. A***v

    Umbrella liked! Solid, everything works. A whole and unharmed came. Advise. Seller Thank you!

  51. D***k


  52. Y***v

    Excellent umbrella, reliable Spokes. thanks to the seller.

  53. T***s

    At first glance, everything is fine. I'll write after the rain

  54. G***a

    The umbrella is exactly like in the picture, everything works.
    With the seller did not communicate, came the goods quickly.

  55. S***v

    Super-fast delivery by courier to door in 3 days! The umbrella is cool, even 4 people will fit under it. The mechanics of the umbrella and the fabric are excellent. After the rain, I'll add.

  56. A***v

    Very good quality, recommend

  57. A***v

    Is fast

  58. J***a

    Great product and great, and the room buy, definitely worth every penny
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  59. R***i

    The quality is excellent, the description meets the requirements
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  60. U***r

    I see why this umbrella is 5 stars, it's beautiful, just beautiful. Looks just like on the picture and open big as well. Highly recommend by The Merv.

  61. V***v

    Chic umbrella, delivery to Peter 3 days, courier to the doors.
    no remarkno remark

  62. R***m

    The umbrella ordered his son as a gift. He appreciated it perfectly! Delivery in a week by courier to the apartment. Thank you!

  63. S***v

    A large, qualitatively made umbrella. Packed well, went without damage. Recommend seller

  64. V***v

    Stylish, big! Delivery to
    Moscow 3 days. I did not communicate with the seller.

  65. M***m

    Excellent umbrella, the mechanism works fine, the material is very high quality

  66. D***y

    Great, everything I wanted! Recommend.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  67. E***T

    Very satisfied with the purchase! The umbrella is just super. Opening and folding works for 5 +. The umbrella is designed for two! In diameter large. Advise.

  68. M***v

    Excellent huge umbrella!! Quality at altitude!

  69. R***v

    Good umbrella, very large. As long as tested in small wind and it is good
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  70. N***v

    Umbrella got. Thank you. Very fast. The quality is excellent. We'll test in the rain.

  71. V***a

    Thank you!!! Fine!!
    The umbrella is large and durable.

  72. N***i

    It's perfect. Premium feeling and for those of you wondering if it big, yeah it pretty big when opened. I'd recommended to anyone. Also usually takes about a month and a half to get my country, this took less than a month.

  73. V***k

    Umbrella is good, I order 2 times, long delivery, to Minsk 62 days.

  74. M***v

    Excellent quality umbrella
    The size is larger than average.

  75. R***r

    Quality externally umbrella. When used, I will add a review. The parcel came very quickly, tracked. Packed in a pupyrku and extra in a carton. Stylish big umbrella!

  76. R***s

    Great product.

  77. S***v

    Umbrella chic
    It was not expected large
    I'm 100% happy, I recommend…

  78. J***u

    I love it, so big and beautiful

  79. K***v

    Incredibly fast delivery: 11.11.2020 paid for the order and 15.11.2020 to me eg brought the courier! I strongly recommend the seller!

  80. F***f

    I do not know how to describe my emotions, but I will try.
    I did not have such fast delivery. 11,11 ordered and 15,11 Courier has already brought me this luxury umbrella. A comfortable handle, a huge dome, now you do not have to walk with a wet backpack or companion. There's enough room for everyone. The mechanism works without complaints. And the backpack is placed without problems. I really like this umbrella.
    I can not say how in the wind, etc., can write later. But so far only scoring positive emotions. I recommend the seller and the store. I did not regret that I chose this umbrella, and did not take the umbrellas with the prices below. It's not for one day.
    no remark

  81. M***v

    Excellent quality!

  82. V***v

    The umbrella came in time, good and stylish! Advise!

  83. R***r

    Good quality umbrella. Delivery in Russia is less than a week. In The Wind 17 m/s broke the mechanism of folding the umbrella. Replacement of a plastic rod inside the mechanism 900R. In металлоремонте Pokrovka 32

  84. E***n

    The quality is superb! Very good! But the size… It's just huge! I look funny with it. It's not for one person unless you are Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
    Excellent quality. But the size… Only for two, well, or if you are 2 meters tall…

  85. M***a

    no remark

  86. A***v

    Goods quality! But very big

  87. V***n

    In appearance, the umbrella is just a bomb!!!! Delivery is less than two weeks, although usually the order does not come before the third week!!!! The seller has done well, sent on the day of purchase, I also made a discount, thank you very much to him!!!! Now I will wait for the rain for the test of the umbrella, I hope that the quality will also be satisfied!!!
    no remarkno remark

  88. E***H

    Everything is fine. Delivery less than a month. Everything works. Looks great. Recommend.

  89. N***n

    Big One. Looks good.

  90. A***n

    Umbrella liked, made qualitatively. The only thing that the fabric is thin.

  91. T***k

    The umbrella reached Yekaterinburg in 12 days. The umbrella does not look cheap, I liked it.

  92. I***o

    The first impression is good))) two can fit. Umbrella liked!
    no remark

  93. G***n

    Thanks narmal umbrella.
    no remark

  94. T***g

    It’s a little big even after folded.. quality is ok..

  95. A***v

    The first impression is positive. Big diameter. Looks good. Comes with a cover. Umbrella machine. How reliable the mechanism will show time.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  96. F***r

    Ordered and received already the 2nd umbrella of this brand. Umbrellas are gorgeous in all respects! Quality is much higher than price!!! I just ordered a third umbrella of the same company. I recommend it to everyone.
    Special thanks to the manufacturer-thanks for the very high quality, fashionable and. Stylish product!

  97. A***a

    I take already 5 umbrella! For another gift! Stylish and expensive! Super!
    no remark

  98. M***v

    To Peter in 4 days. I liked the quality, the size matches. All as in the order…

  99. A***v

    Everything is super! The quality of the umbrella is excellent. It can be seen that good and will last a long time. Delivery 5 days to Krasnodar. Thank you.

  100. A***n

    Fast delivery, 5 days to St. Petersburg. large, made qualitatively, in appearance strong.

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